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The windows version doesn't work. It says "Data folder not found" / "There should be 'sweetsway_bonfire_Data' folder next to the executable" .

Ah, sorry! Had no way of testing the windows version, will try again

No problem. I'm looking forward to playing the game. It would be good to have a 32-Bit version of the game, as a 64-Bit version won't work on all windows computers (e.g. my laptop has just a 32-Bit Windows 10 OS).

I've not got control of the export, as it wasn't built on my computer, George will have to re-export and he's on holiday. (Hence not knowing that the exe file alone wasn't what Windows should be). It's really a tiny little experiment though, and not really worth optimising for everything! The Zine is the thing I hope people read.

(having said that, for accessibility we're going to try and get up a web player version when George gets back from holiday as many of the people involved in the making of it don't have computers, but do have phones)

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Thanks, it works now. :) Yes, it must have just been the missing folder. I really like the concept of the game and the idea behind it. Formally it remembers me a bit of the installation in the pool, you've talked about in your presentation. Listening to the peole in the game and reading them and more about the project in the zine is a good package.

Delighted you like it :)